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Why Ecommerce SEO

I help a wide range of ecommerce clients from a wide range of industries helping them fix, optimise, and polish their websites for organic search. It doesn't matter how good a product is; if it isn't seen by the correct people, it will not sell. That's where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.

I assist ecommerce companies in getting their pages to appear for highly relevant search searches, resulting in visits from people who are ready to buy, by assessing the site and building an SEO roadmap for the future.

Make Your Products Stand Out

My eCommerce solution is customised to fit your objectives, no matter what your future KPIs are. To see where you can improve, I have an ecommerce SEO checklist that has been tried and true. Over 80% of potential clients now use mobile to make purchasing decisions before purchasing, thus my eCommerce solutions are created with mobile in mind.

I've run a number of successful eCommerce SEO campaigns that have increased income and improved the online experience of their users.

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Ecommerce SEO Services

Every successful project begins with goal formulation, audits, research, and the construction of a solid plan, which I offer as an ecommerce SEO Nottingham service.
Tasks are then prioritised depending on their importance. However, some of the most important things I work on for ecommerce businesses are described here.

  • Technical Audit &

    I will conduct a full eCommerce site audit to understand how your website is performing from both a technical & user experience view.

  • Product and Category Optimisation

    Once I’ve understood your SEO objectives and data then changes begin. Optimised pages, categories and products are important for helping the user find their way round your website.

  • Conversion Rate

    Using Google Analytics and other techniques I work to understand the customer journey from a User Experience view. I identify opportunities to implement conversion rate optimisation and therefore increase web conversions and make the sales funnel a better process.

  • Keyword Research

    It's critical to expand on a large number of your product and category sites. Long tail words are well known for being less competitive and indicating stronger purchase intent. I choose keywords based on the number of searches, the level of competition, and the likelihood of making a purchase.

  • Content Audit

    I'll look at the product descriptions on your website to see if there's any duplicate information. Having the identical product descriptions as another store selling the same products sends a low-quality signal to search engines and causes Google to become confused about which content is more relevant.

  • User Experience

    When a customer first hears about your company, the user experience begins, but it is when they reach your online store that the journey starts. Page speed, buy button positioning, and, of course, consumer flow as they click across your website all play a role in the entire eCommerce site experience.

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