Technical SEO Audit Service

Website audits by a professional SEO Specialist with clear actionable advice.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

When starting a new SEO project, I always recommend starting with a technical SEO assessment. It allows me and the customer to detect any on-site or off-site issues that are keeping the site from reaching the top of Google's search results. With this information, a strategy for dealing with them will be devised.

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Why have an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit's main goal is to increase a site's search engine rankings in Google and other search engines. The audit looks at several areas of your website and helps you figure out which ones are operating well and which ones need to be improved. It covers the structural and content elements that have an impact on your SEO visibility.

The SEO audit can be broad or narrowed down to a specific problem area. You might be having issues with speed, indexability, or low click through rates, for example. The audit's findings will enable you to identify any problems and act to rectify them.

Why should you choose me to conduct a website audit?

I've performed several SEO audits on a variety of websites over the years, and each time I've been able to discover critical and actionable ways for my clients to enhance their SEO.

Of course, there are numerous SEOs out there, but many of them take a straightforward approach and run your website through a few free tools before making a few easy recommendations. That is not how I work.

When you contact me to perform an SEO audit, I make sure that all of the important details are recorded and communicated to you so that you know exactly what needs to be done. If you're having trouble understanding any of the more "technical" terminology, I'll explain them in layman's terms. Instead of merely sending over a poorly prepared spreadsheet or document, I'm passionate about helping my clients comprehend the recommendations I'm making.

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What's included in a website SEO audit?

  • Technical SEO

    It's vital that search engines like Google are able to crawl, index, and rank your content. In-depth technical tests are performed, and recommendations are made to assist search engines in finding your website and to maximise SEO "power."

  • On-page SEO

    This entails determining the uniqueness of your content as well as ensuring that the right keywords are being targeted. Search engines need SEO-friendly material to comprehend what your content is about and how relevant it is to a user's query.

  • Backlink audit

    Examining and evaluating the worth, effectiveness, and quality of the backlinks on your website. Relevant links are essential for long-term ranking stability and "immunity" against search engine algorithm modifications.

  • User experience

    Do your web pages load quickly? Is your material relevant to the user's intent? Is it simple to navigate your website? These are some of the factors considered when determining whether or not your website experience is appropriate for your target audience.

  • Competitor benchmarking

    Seeing what your competitors are doing can help you develop a strategy, and your competitors will be thoroughly researched so that you can compare crucial SEO metrics between them and your website.

  • Straight Forward Approach

    To my clientele, I will never sugarcoat anything. To ensure that you get the most important insights into how to improve your website's SEO, all of the audit findings will be given exactly as they are.

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