7 Reasons SEO is Important for Your Website

Search engine optimisation is the perfect tool for small businesses as it raises brand awareness while keeping costs low. The more traffic you get, the bigger and more profitable you’ll become.

How does SEO continue to increase visibility and help you expand into new markets by ranking highly on search engines’ results pages?

Read on to find out more.


#1: SEO Boosts Traffic
By investing in a strategy for the future, you’ll regularly score highly with search engine algorithms. You can do this easily via tweaking your site’s navigation or increasing upload speeds. Alternatively, you can utilise backlinks. Whichever you choose, SEO adds value, which is why customers come back for more.

#2: It Enhances UX
Adding value is more than offering a product or service - it’s about the user experience. Through making your site mobile-friendly, for instance, you can provide a seamless journey. And, Google will reward you handsomely.

#3: The Results Last
Search engine optimisation results last, as long as you adapt to the new rules. Curating evergreen content and avoiding timestamps and dates are two hacks for long-lasting results. Of course, a high-end UX - low loading times, no lagging, etc., - is timeless whether Google moves the goalposts.

#4: It Improves Credibility
As an SME, not many people know who you are, which means they don’t trust you right away. Unlike big brands, you must highlight why you’re worthy of taking their resources. The key is to boost your credibility, and SEO is vital to the cause. Just by being on the first page of Google’s search rankings, you can piggyback off their reputation. It’s prime real estate because the tech giant doesn’t sell to anybody.

#5: SEO Helps With Local Visibility
Local SEO techniques are about more than building a tight-knit community. Thanks to Google Maps and Google my Business, you can convert curious outsiders into sales. Why? It’s because people who don’t know the area tend to use Google programs (Maps) to research places to visit, as well as places to eat, drink, and stay. Therefore, you can improve your visibility with any area to generate leads and boost profits, and this applies to every sector.

#6: It Wards Off The Competition
The business industry is a dog-eat-dog world, and you don’t want to be on the menu. Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep your rivals at arm’s length by increasing your click-through and conversion rates and maintaining high sales. The use of keywords and phrases and backlinks and guest posts does it automatically as the first results page gets an average 28.5% CTR.

#7: SEO Is Cheap
Of course, you can carry on pushing forward and increasing your market share because SEO is affordable. It’s by no means free, yet it’s cheap enough to enable you to make gains in the necessary areas for the sake of your long-term success.

SEO may be a global fad, but it’s one that works. Although it takes time to master, merely understanding the basics is enough for SMEs to raise awareness of their brands and enhance customer engagement rates.

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Paul Baguley
Paul Baguley

Paul was included as a SEO contributor in a book called Digital Marketers Sound Off. He was one of 101 accomplished digital marketing specialists sharing their favourite tools, tips, tactics, and predictions for the future.


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