The Essential SEO Checklist

There are thousands of articles out there extolling the virtues of SEO and providing advice to help you optimise your website to improve your search ranking. If you’re keen to capitalise on the popularity of Internet searches, it’s crucial to be aware of search engine optimisation essentials. Here’s a useful guide to make sure you’re on the right track.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
We are more reliant on mobile phones than ever before, and a growing number of people perform searches on their phone. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could lose out to competitors. You can run a simple, online test to see how well your pages perform.

Rapid page loading
Search engines are on a mission to improve user experience, and there’s nothing more frustrating for a surfer than a page that takes an age to load. You can use Google’s page speed insights tool to see if there is room for improvement.

Optimising title tags
Your title tags are one of the first things a search engine will look at, so it’s crucial to make sure that they are optimised for SEO purposes. In addition, a title can make or break a post for a reader. If you’ve got catchy or informative title tags, this will make your content more appealing. Incorporate keywords in tags in a natural way and keep titles short and to the point. It’s also a good idea to ensure your URLs are SEO-friendly.

Using headings
Headings break up chunks of content for the reader to improve readability, but they’ll also get a big tick from Google.

Use keywords naturally and include internal links
It’s important to include keywords and phrases in your content, but do it naturally and subtly. Google will penalise you if you have paragraphs stuffed with keywords that don’t fit the context. It’s also a good idea to include internal links.

Be original
Focus on creating fresh, engaging, useful content.

You could spend hours talking about advanced SEO, but these are the essential boxes you need to tick to improve your search ranking today.

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Paul Baguley
Paul Baguley

Paul was included as a SEO contributor in a book called Digital Marketers Sound Off. He was one of 101 accomplished digital marketing specialists sharing their favourite tools, tips, tactics, and predictions for the future.


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